What is a Wi-Fi QR Code and How to Create It?

In our modern, hyper-connected world, Wi-Fi has become a necessity. We rely on it for everything from browsing the web to streaming our favorite shows and staying in touch with loved ones. But there's one thing that can be a bit of a hassle - entering those long and complex Wi-Fi passwords. Thankfully, there's an easier solution - QR codes for Wi-Fi.
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What is a Wi-Fi QR code?

A Wi-Fi QR code is a convenient way to share your Wi-Fi information, including the network name (SSID) and the password. Anyone can scan the QR code and get connected to your network instantly. It is a fast and secure way to share your Wi-Fi information, solely to users that see QR code.

How does Wi-Fi QR code work?

The QR code serves as a digital container, holding all the essential details about your Wi-Fi network. This includes the network name (SSID) and the password required for access.

When you scan the QR code, your device gets all the information about your network and uses that to connect to it.

Why Do You Need a Wi-Fi QR Code?

Wi-Fi QR codes are commonly present in offices, restaurants, hotels, or in public transport. Using QR codes for Wi-Fi connections offers numerous advantages:


Sharing Wi-Fi information becomes a breeze. No more dictating or typing out lengthy passwords.

Error Reduction

Typing errors are minimized, leading to a smoother and more reliable connection process.


Some QR code generators have analytics built-in. You can use them to see how many people are scanning the code and connecting to the Wi-Fi. You can read more about tracking QR codes here.


It's a time-saver, especially when you have guests or need to connect to multiple networks.

Creating a Wi-Fi QR Code

We will show step-by-step how to create a Wi-Fi QR code using CreateYourQr.com. Below the written instructions is the video that demonstrates all the steps.

1. Gather Your Wi-Fi Network Information

You need to know your Wi-Fi network's name (SSID) and its password. You should also know the encryption type that your network uses. All this information should be written on a sticker on your router.

2. Fill out the form

Select "Wi-Fi" data type and enter your network information: SSID, password and encryption type. Remember that SSID and password are case-sensitive.

3. Customize (Optional)

You can customize the QR code. Change its colors or add some photo/logo in the middle if you want.

4. Download

Choose PDF as the file type and click "Download PDF". CreateYourQr offers PDF format because it is easier to print many QR codes this way.

5. Print it

Why Choose CreateYourQR for Your Wi-Fi QR Codes?


With CreateYourQr you can track QR code scans and see how many people are interested in them. All this data is available in a simple dashboard.

Free Static QR Codes

If you don't need analytics for your QR codes or you are sure that you won't edit it, you can use static QR codes for free. You can read more about the difference between static and dynamic QR codes here.

QR Code Personalization

Stand out even more by personalizing your QR code. Add your unique logo, choose from a spectrum of colors, and select eye-catching shapes to create a QR code that perfectly reflects your brand or style.

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