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Do you have a restaurant? A hotel? Are you a marketer or maybe an artist? No matter what you do, we've got you covered!

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Racing car with QR code on the side. Cloudy weather. People in the background.
The QR code printed on a paper in a stand on the table. Flowers in the background.
The QR code on an old wall. Graffiti on the sides.
The QR code printed on a paper and framed. A Pumpkin on the bottom.
A hand holding business card that has a QR code printed on it. Grass in the background
A billboard on the building in Chaina. The ad uses QR code to capture peoples' attention. It's night.
A box is being loaded into a cargo plane. The box has a QR code on a side. The sun is setting.
A statue of a biker. The statue has a label below that describes it and uses a QR code to let people read more about it on the internet. Picture is in grayscale.
A birthday card is laying on a plate. The QR code is printed on a birthday card. Scanning the code redirects people to the food ordering service.
A wall full of graffiti. One of them is a marketing campaign and has a QR code below.
A bag of coffee is laying on a table near a cup of coffee. The bag has a QR code printed on the front. The code is used to let people go to the product's website. There are orange slices on the bottom left corner, and coffee beans in the background.
The tram with an ad on the side. The has a QR code on the corner. The code is used to let people go to the advertiser website fast when the tram is moving. The weather is good and the sun is shining.

Track engagement

See the number of scans, where, and when it was scanned. All of these are important metrics for you to measure the interest.

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Restaurant Menu, resume, brochure, user guide, magazine. You can use CreateYourQr for it right now. Printable in sheets.

A person is scanning a package with a QR code sticker.

Manage them all in one place

You can replace the uploaded PDF File with a new PDF File at any time. The QR Code which was initially generated will remain unchanged.

CreteYourQr dashboard with the list of created QR codes.

Host documents on our servers

All PDF files are hosted on our infrastructure. No need to use any external storage provider. You can focus on your business.

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