QR Codes for Restaurants: Best Use Cases

Using QR codes in your restaurant can benefit you in numerous ways. They can help you attract new clients and retain existing ones. They also showcase the technological advancement of your restaurant.

Menu in the QR Code

Tired of reprinting menus each time there's a change? Seeking to reduce waste? Creating a QR code that redirects to a PDF version of your menu is a perfect solution. When you update your menu, the QR code remains unchanged!
A woman sitting in a restaurant and scanning a QR code menu with her phone. The QR code redirects her to the menu.

Allergens and Ingredients

Even if you prefer to retain a physical version of your menu, QR codes can still be advantageous. Instead of overloading your menu with extensive details, simply incorporate a QR code that leads to a document listing all ingredients and allergens.
A man is sitting in a restaurant and reading the menu.

Feedback Collection

The optimal way to avoid getting negative reviews on platforms like Google Maps is to allow customers to provide direct feedback. Create a QR code that points to a form or an email. Customers can scan it and share suggestions for improvements, enhancing their overall experience. If their feedback is positive, you can always ask them to leave it on Google Maps as well.
A person is scanning a QR code from the receipt. The QR code redirects to a form that allows to send feedback.


Does your restaurant have a rich history? Share it with others! Create a QR code that redirects to a page or video about your restaurant's journey. It's an engaging way to occupy customers while they await their orders.
A woman is sitting in a café and reading something on her phone.


For special occasions like festivals or anniversaries, if you provide discounts or coupons, QR codes can be an efficient distribution method. Attendees can simply scan the code to redeem their coupon.
A person is holding a phone that shows a QR code with a coupon.

Social Media Followers

Consider placing a QR code that links to your restaurant's social media profiles, rather than listing usernames. Scanning is quicker than manual typing, prompting more customers to follow your profiles.
A person is holding a phone and browsing social media.

Takeout Menu

Ensure your customers remember your offerings. Provide them with a scannable menu to take home. With tools like CreateYourQr, you can update this menu anytime without the hassle of reprinting.
A person is holding a phone and ordering food.

Environmentally Friendly

Whether you're using QR codes to replace physical brochures or full menus, the environment benefits. Reducing paper consumption is always a positive step, especially if the ethos of your restaurant revolves around eco-friendliness and health.
Two mugs are on a bench in a park.