How to Track and Trace QR Code in Real-Time?

QR codes have cemented their position in the marketing ecosystem, and it's not just because they let people visit your site easily. They can also provide valuable analytics, which are essential for businesses aiming for data-driven decision-making. Let's explore how you can benefit from tracking your QR codes.
A screenshot of a dashboard showing analytics by location.

How Does QR Code Tracking Work?

We can't discuss QR code tracking without mentioning the underlying technology behind it. Analytics for QR codes are available only for dynamic QR codes. These are QR codes that allow you to change their content without needing to reprint them. When a device scans your dynamic QR code, it fetches the content from the server. CreateYourQr's server can capture some device information and present it to you in a form of valuable analytics. Click here to read more about how QR codes work.

Metrics to Monitor

When it comes to QR code analytics, there a few key metrics you should focus on.

Total Scans and Unique Scans

This provides basic information about the level of interest in your QR code - whether it's visible and if it captures people's attention.

A screenshot of the analytics dashboard showing total scans and unique scans.

Scans by Location

Tracking the locations where your QR code is scanned is perhaps the most crucial metric. Your campaign is likely spread across various locations, such as billboards or leaflets. Knowing where your ad is scanned allows you to optimize the entire campaign. For example, a costly billboard on Times Square might not convert as many people as leaflets in a particular neighborhood, despite being less expensive. The effectiveness varies widely across industries, so it's essential to track this metric.

Note that the scan location may not always correspond exactly to where you've placed your QR code. Depending on the technology used, it could indicate the approximate GPS location of the device or the location of the ISP. Click here to learn more about ISP location tracking.

Scans Over Time

While location is crucial, knowing when your QR code is scanned can provide additional insights. For example, if you place QR codes near a cafe in a business district, this metric may show that most scans occur around midday. This timing aligns with office workers taking their lunch breaks. You may reasonably infer that office workers are interested in your product.

Scans by Device

The last key metric we are going to discuss is the device used to scan your QR code. While this information may initially seem relevant only for phone repair shops, it actually has broader applications. For instance, in some countries, wealthier individuals tend to use iPhones. Being aware of this can help you determine which demographic is most interested in the services you're advertising.

Privacy Considerations

CreateYourQr's analytics are designed to be both insightful for you and private for users who scan your QR code. We don't capture any sensitive information. You are not able to identify who scanned your QR code with our analytics, but you can determine where and when the scan occurred and gain some basic information about the device, such as the operating system. This is the perfect balance between safeguarding user privacy and delivering actionable, data-driven analytics.

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